WInter Wonderland

WInter Wonderland
1930's Dump Truck with Plow

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wing Plow Design Improvement

For all you wing plow users, Monroe Truck/Snow & Ice Division, has developed a new wing plow mount which can be used in place of the tower and slide.  They have one mounted on their demo truck with front mounted wing plow.  This thing is "slick".  Should eliminate the wing from "catching" on raised pavement, potholes, joints, etc. virtually eliminating accident damage.  Truck & Trailer Specialties plans to install a parallelogram mount on their new demo truck (currently in production at Dutton) in a midmount Patrol wing application. Stay tuned for further details. I don't know if Monroe has it on their website, but you can check:  While you are checking websites, check ours:

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